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A visual way to build, run, and scale date-driven plays.


Helps B2B companies unlock the full power of their GTM strategy by simplifying intricate B2B sales processes.
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Project summary

A Go-To-Market (GTM) automation platform that specializes in transforming strategies into actionable steps. Playbuilt empowers businesses by automating the creation of playbooks through workflow automation, intelligence, and insights, ultimately driving growth and efficiency simultaneously.

The challenge

The CEO of Playbuilt reached out to us with two primary goals:
  • Creating a new product identity, improving workflows, and enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Refining their website to better promote the product and attract new companies.

Planning and Tech

The project kicked off with an initial understanding phase, focused on gaining deeper insights into pain points and identifying improvement opportunities. Then, we moved into the design phase, where we proposed personalized solutions and engaged in iterative processes to achieve a unique outcome.
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“We appreciate the attention to detail and ability to iterate quickly to achieve a high-quality final design”.

Bo Borland

Revitalizing Brand Identity for both the Product & Website

We reinvigorated the brand's color palette to infuse it with dynamism and contemporary appeal, enabling it to stand out from the competition. Additionally, we focused on enhancing the hierarchy of elements to emphasize top-priority items, capturing attention, and guiding user focus.
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Key new features

We've developed new features and screens to enhance the available information for users and to improve the application's functionality, leading to a significant enhancement in the overall user experience.
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New website

Our design team collaborated to revamp our partner's landing pages, aligning them with our fresh aesthetic vision. We focused on improving user navigation to ensure that users could easily find what they were looking for and a deeper understanding of the product.
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We developed a powerful style guide to combine the product and website into a single style.

Once defined the Visual Strategy, our Product Designers crafted every UI component and interaction for a consistent and unique user experience.
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A dynamic marketing website meticulously designed to optimize product visibility, engagement, and promotion.

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