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user-centered product design

From concept to launch, our talented designers will guide you in the process of crafting user-centered digital products.


Think, Design, Test.

Polonio's experts are skilled to lead 100% collaborative and iterative design processes.
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User Research
We have methods to gather insights about users' behaviors and needs, in order to design the most impactful experiences.
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Interaction Design
We create engaging, intuitive, and efficient user interfaces that meet users' needs and drive business value.
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Web Applications
Our team excels in designing interfaces for web-based apps, enabling users to transform complexity into intuitive user experiences.
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Design Systems
Creates consistency, efficiency, and scalability in digital product design, resulting in better user experiences, faster development cycles, and stronger brand identity.
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User Testing
Identify usability issues, validate assumptions, and gather feedback from users to create digital products that are user-friendly, effective, and meet their needs.
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Design Thinking
We leverage the techniques to empathize with users, define their problems, ideating solutions, prototyping, and testing to create effective and user-friendly products.

User centered design process

UX strategy
Design production
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The goal is to gain a deep understanding of the users' needs and desires. We will identify critical insights, leading to innovative design solutions.

Stakeholder Interviews

UX strategy

We plan how a product will meet user needs and business goals. We provide a clear roadmap for creating an optimal user experience that delivers real value.

Project review
Kick off Call
Tech Review
Project Planning


Bring ideas to life and test them with users. It's like being a mad scientist, but with less explosions and more user feedback.

Iterative Design


Uncovering mysteries about user behavior and validating design decisions. It's like playing detectives, focused on what we care the most, your users!

User Testing
Card Sorting
Opportunities Report

Design production

We jump into design, starting by creating a styleguide, designing all pages and components, and polishing each detail (including responsive views).

Design iteration & QA
Development handoff

Still have doubts?

Our services cover the full process of crafting high-impact websites and digital products. Our squad guides companies during a collaborative and validated workflow, to be delivered on time.
What is user-centered design?

User-centered design is an approach to design that involves understanding user needs and creating solutions that meet those needs.

What is our experience with user-centered design?

Our experts has extensive experience +10 years in user-centered design, and we have worked with a wide range of clients in different industries to create user-centered solutions.

What is our design process and approach?

Our design process involves several stages, including research, prototyping, and testing, all with a focus on user needs and feedback. Our approach to UX/UI design is centered on the user, and we prioritize user research and feedback to inform our design decisions.

What do we need from our partners (customers)?

We will need our partners to be willing to share with us information about their business and services and what are the goals behind the project. It's important that they share all they know about their customers with us. Remember that we are creating user-centered digital products. Also to collaborate with us on making benchmarks to understand their competitors and inspirations.
It's super important to setup a frequency of meetings to reduce the distance between the agency and the partner and encourages integration and establish who will be the main managers of each side for the management of communication and deliverables of each side.

How long does it take to design a digital product?

From our experience, we can say it's around 2 to 4 months, to design an entire application. Designing a digital product is like baking a cake - it depends on the complexity and ingredients! We work efficiently and collaboratively to design products that are both beautiful and functional, while keeping the process as short as possible.

How do we ensure that the final product is user-centered?

We involve users throughout the design process, from initial research to final testing, to ensure that the final product meets their needs and expectations.

What collaborative tools does Polonio team uses?

Well, we leverage tools that ensure great collaboration for tech and product teams. The list includes: Slack for communication, Figma for UI design and prototyping, Figma Jam for remote workshops, and Hotjar for UX Analysis. Of course we are always open to including great tools our partners suggest.

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