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Launched website on time, for a leading climate nonprofit.

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Open Earth Foundation

Nonprofit creating and deploying open source tech for climate change.
🌎 Climate Change, Nonprofit
Company size
10 - 50 employees
Web Design, UX-UI Design, Animations, Webflow Development, Custom Development
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The Foundation is an innovative organization developing open-source technology for a resilient planet. In collaboration with the UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub, they are creating a virtual hub to connect climate and sustainability solutions with global needs.


OpenEarth's directors came to us with a unique challenge: to redesign their website and launch it on time, while they work in parallel with a deep Rebranding. The website should impact the Climate Change community, communicating its core values. Also should accompany the growth process of the foundation, and allow the scalability of the website in terms of its diversity of projects and people involved.

Planning and Tech

In a 12 weeks span, the project was executed in stages: understanding the Foundation needs, creating design prototypes, defining a Visual Strategy according to the new Brand Guidelines, designing smooth and detailed animations, and developing a responsive Webflow Website with a CMS and custom functionalities.
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“Polonio is everything you need from an agency. They were able to understand what we needed and made it happen in an impactful way. They were professional and proactive from the planning to the implementation"

Joaquín Van Peborgh - Director of Product
design production

Inspired on Earth.

Collaborating with a team of people with such an important purpose was incredible Polonio’s team. When we started the design process, OpenEarth’s team were in the middle of a Rebranding project. So we focus first on generating super-clear wireframes with strong messages, and designed very carefully all animations which could communicate the Foundation’s important role fighting against Climate Change.
Blog articles published in categories like Research, Events, Publications and, News.
Projects published by the Foundation, leveraging the Webflow CMS feature.

More movement, better storytelling.

The Foundation works as a key player which articulates the Climate Change ecosystem. That’s why they needed to impact strongly to the audience. So we designed very carefully every illustration and animation, to achieve the wow-effect.
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CMS template

One template, scaling to multiple projects.

OpenEarth acts as a team of teams, articulating different players and institutions. This means they collaborate with multiple projects at the same time, which also evolves constantly. We leveraged a CMS Template, to allow them to scale and build easily to new projects and keep them updated.

A new and bold rebranding,
adapted to web.

Once defined the Visual Strategy, our Product Designers crafted every UI component and interaction for a consistent and unique user experience.
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Case study image

Giving back the wings, to marketing and product teams.

It’s super important for Polonio, to allow our partners to be the real owners of their digital products. Webflow CMS Collections gives them the ownership, to keep their website updated. It’s the revolution of Marketing teams.
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Custom Development

Donations keep their course with PayPal integration.

We love No-Code, but if we combine it with Custom Code, the results are amazing. Together with the OpenEarth Foundation product team, we designed a seamless user experience for donors.

A super-scalable marketing Website, allowing the Foundation to increase its awareness within the audience in the resilience against Climate Change.

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