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A long-term partnership with a product design squad for multiple teams

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A tech company serving 20M citizens annually collaborates with U.S. state and local governments to streamline transactions for citizens and businesses across diverse counties, utilizing various tools.
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200 - 500 employees
Gov software Development
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Project summary

We participated in the design and growth of their five main platforms and in the creation of specific websites for individual cities. We expanded their team and took the lead in tasks that included product design, adjustments to the design system, among other responsibilities.

The challenge

Collaborating with diverse teams that had unique needs, the challenge involved creating products for both internal and external users and conducting validation sessions with real clients.

Planning and Tech

The project began with understanding challenges, delving into pain points, and spotting improvement opportunities. Next, we entered the design phase, suggesting personalized solutions, and engaging in iterative processes to achieve a unique outcome.
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"We highly value the collaboration across the different product teams!"

Haleigh Lyon
Business License & Tax Product Manager @GovOS
5-in-1 Product Innovation

Revitalizing Brand Identity for both the Product & Website

We revitalized the brand's color palette to give it a dynamic and contemporary appeal, ensuring it stands out from the competition. Additionally, we focused on improving the hierarchy of elements to highlight top-priority items, capturing attention, and guiding user focus more effectively.
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Key new features

We have added new features and screens to provide users with more information and enhance the application's functionality, resulting in a significant improvement in the overall user experience.
Design production

We partner with GovOS teams to design and integrate innovative solutions, improving functionality, performance, and the overall user experience in marketing websites and products.

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Business Licensing

We designed a platform for a seamless transition to digital management, offering businesses a registration and renewal platform with automated reminders and customized solutions, simplifying compliance and revenue generation across jurisdictions.
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Short-Term Rental Solution

We completely redesigned the software for short-term rental compliance, licensing, and tax collection, enabling efficient enforcement of local ordinances. This results in a more straightforward process for both regulators and operators, making it easier for everyone involved.
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Online Civic Service

We redesigned features to assist users throughout the process of completing marriage procedures online.
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Cloud Search

Government Records Search Engine

We revamped features to streamline the search and retrieve process for official documentation for users unfamiliar with land records, while also introducing advanced search options tailored for specific users.
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Customized designs for states

We tailored website designs for diverse states, optimizing the user experience in accessing a range of services, such as easily requesting licenses, making tax and bill payments, exploring activities, finding housing and job opportunities, and more, with efficiency and convenience.
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Design system

We craft a comprehensive style guide to impart a unique and cohesive design to products and websites.

After defining the visual strategy, our product designers meticulously crafted each UI component and interaction to ensure a consistent and unique user experience.
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We expanded the GovOS team to deliver results that catered to diverse user needs.

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