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Membership-based subscription platform delivering educational courses and cultural content.
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Company size
1-10 employees
Courses, discussions, and literary offerings covering diverse subjects.
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Project summary

The creator of Faro approached us to design a Webflow website that offers a subscription-based model for individuals who are interested in exploring diverse fields of knowledge. The primary objective was to inspire users' curiosity and facilitate learning and reflection on various subjects, resulting in an interactive and unique educational experience.

The challenge

Develop a platform that enables our partner to upload and manage various types of content, including teacher's classes and discussions, while also being scalable.

Planning and Tech

Over the course of 12 weeks, the project initiated  product comprehension, followed by internal exploration, wireframing, visual concept development, and ultimately concluding with the final design phase.
case study image
case study image

Uncovering the challenges and opportunities

We dove deep into addressing the scalability requirements of the Faro website, to allow the management of the catalog of courses, talks and lectures and the new content that is released monthly.
Visual Strategy

A visual landscape to foster curiosity and knowledge exploration

We created visual documents to facilitate a shared understanding of the project's scope with our partner. Simultaneously, we refined a visual identity that captures the very core of the brand, harmonizing seamlessly with its goals and overarching purpose.

“We had a tight schedule and a demanding project. The dynamic with Polonio was impeccable from the first meeting to the last delivery.”

Manuel Mauer - Founder & CEO, Faro
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Bridging ideas to design implementation

During this stage, our efforts were directed towards refining content, design, and hierarchies. We placed a strong emphasis on defining essential interactions to effectively present and share the diverse range of content available on the platform to its users.
Design production

Polishing every detail

Leveraging the insights gained during the discovery and strategy stages, we converged to create a unique visual identity. Embracing a minimalist approach, we incorporated dark shades with yellow pop of colors to genuinely express the essence of the brand.
case study image
Case study image

Connected with an external application

In addition to Faro, we also designed the Uscreen app to provide the customer with seamless user management and payment handling capabilities.
case study imagecase study image
case study image
Case study image

Taking control of the website effortlessly like a pro.

In Webflow, we used CMS collections to provide our partners with the ability to create dynamic content that can be easily managed and updated, without needing to modify the website's design or structure. This feature also empowers users to sort through the content based on their personal preferences.
CMS collections used to easily manage and update the website
Distinguished professors and researchers
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Custom Filter

Simplifying complexity.

By developing custom filters, we have empowered our partner with the ability to define and configure complex matching logic that cannot be achieved using system-provided message filters.

A Webflow website that empowers content creators to efficiently manage diverse knowledge domains.

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