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Manage your commodity shipments with AI, automation, and collaboration tools.

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AI-powered commodity shipment management with automation and collaboration tools.
💻 Commodities Trading
Company size
5-10 employees
Automated Shipment Management, Intelligent Document Processing, Stakeholder Collaboration.
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Project summary

CommodityAI provides commodity traders with cutting-edge automation tools and interactive AI solutions to streamline workflows and enhance user experience.

The challenge

Completely transformed their landing page, infusing it with a tech-forward and innovative vibe, and implemented it on Webflow within 3 weeks.

Planning and Tech

We began by understanding the client's goal of using the landing page to promote their startup. We crafted various design concepts tailored to their industry and fine-tuned them into a standout version that grabs attention.
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Collaborating with a startup backed by

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poses a challenge in this market: the need for swift ideation and rapid iteration. 🚀


A fresh identity for this MVP

Our team worked closely with stakeholders to create a new brand identity. We invested extra effort in designing a unique look and feel, ensuring that the landing page would truly captivate attention in the market. This initiative provided the marketing team with the necessary tools to successfully launch their product.

Designed and implemented in less than 3 weeks.

In a short timeframe, we spearheaded the design and implementation of a captivating Webflow landing page infused with dynamic animations, alongside comprehensive UX enhancements. This initiative empowered our startup client to effectively market their MVP with a compelling online presence.
custom animations

Animations everywhere for friendlier experience.

We’ve incorporated animations throughout our designs to deliver a more engaging user experience that leaves a lasting 'wow' impression.
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responsive design

A 100% responsive layout, specially crafted for mobile users

Every component was designed to work seamlessly on mobile layouts, ensuring a consistent experience across all devices.
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custom animations

Custom composition for each asset.

Worked with Jitter to export Lottie animations with high quality to enhance the experience.
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