Our process is 100% focused on delivering high quality websites and web apps

We help companies design and develop successful web experiences

Design Services

Design is our core in Polonio, and we know how important details are to craft customized experiences following your brand guidelines (or creating them). From the discovery phase to handoff, our designers know how to do this thing.

Web Design

Our experienced designers are very determined in the design process of websites. Every detail will be carefully designed to create meaningful experiences for your audience. Crafting a website from the ground up, means also designing every illustration, animations and icons. 

UI/UX Design
Design Systems

Deep understanding of your business, goals and users, allows us to build on a solid base. Collaborative ideations permit everyone in the table, to conceptualize by putting everyone in the same path, and wireframes design makes tangible the concepts agreed by the team.

With the structure outlined, the User Interface begins to take color and shape. Every component and element of your website is carefully designed to impact your audiences with the right message and delightful designs. 

Web Applications

Application design is pretty different from that of a website. Each business has different characteristics, and the simplicity of how users achieve tasks within your app, talks a lot about your product. Design systems, users flow, usability, and business needs, are all key aspects when designing web applications.


We design brand identities understanding how important it is to connect your company’s message and visuals with your customers. Is not only designing a Brand Book, it is about understanding your business and the character and place that we want the brand to be on your customer's minds. We can help with setting a communication strategy strong enough to engage and bright in the right way.

Illustrations & Animations

The craft of creating custom illustrations and animations for your business, really makes the difference. As all the other elements around your brand identity, these need to be specifically designed to stand out. We count in our team with expert illustrators and animation designers to do it.

We had a tight schedule and a demanding project (the redesign of all our landings that were multi-country, with various APIs, simulators and the need for world-class quality). The dynamic with Polonio was impeccable from the first meeting to the last delivery, which exceeded our expectations
Manuel Mauer - Chief of Staff, Buenbit
It was a real pleasure working with Polonio, they are everything you need from an agency. They were able to understand what we needed and made it happen in an impactful way. They were professional and proactive from the planning stage, to the way of conveying design concepts and capturing what was needed in the deliverables, contributing significantly in the creative process
Joaquin Van Peborgh - Director of Product, Open Earth Foundation

Low-Code Services

Transforming the design into an intuitive user experience. We make the development phase easier, faster and more flexible for your teams by using Low-code.

Webflow Development

Low-code tools like Webflow allow to translate your website and web app design into wonderful experiences on time. We have built +100 Webflow websites since the tool launched on 2013.


We never give up on quality when building a digital product, and scalability is one of the most important aspects of it. We deliver websites that can be customized and maintained by our clients, without depending on us. Also, Webflow is considered the top Low-code tool and helps to keep your teams empowered. 

Integrations & Custom Development

Third party integrations (forms, analytics, etc.) can be implemented and any custom solutions can be built on top of Webflow. Our talented developers have the skills to take your website to the next level.

SEO Best Practices

We take care of every detail that impacts your website’s SEO including responsive design, markup, 301 redirects and more.

We’re not just designing your website, we’re developing a comprehensive digital strategy.

We have built +100 Webflow websites since Tool’s origins. Using best-practices and going beyond people's imagination with the power of Webflow.


Scope and planning

We deep dive into your project details to create a master plan aligned with your business goals.

Visual strategy

We create different visual documents (moodboard, sitemap, wireframes) to ensure everyone understands what is going to be built while also working to define the overall look & feel.

Design production

We jump into design, starting by creating a style guide, designing all pages and components, and polishing each detail (including responsive views).


We take the designs and translate them into amazing web experiences that are easy to use, and scale for your team.