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Adaptive storytelling that motivates an audience of decision and change-makers.

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A digital media company that helps people make informed decisions through trusted digital media.
💻 Entertainment & Media
Company size
400- 500 employees
40M people monthly
Web Design, UX-UI Design, Webflow Development, Custom Development
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Project summary

BrandFuse is U.S. News & World Report's custom content studio, working with top brands to create and promote bespoke digital content experiences via multi-platform traffic drivers, social media amplification, and high-impact custom units.

The challenge

Redesign their landing page incorporating new case studies, highlighted work and services, while strategically prioritizing elements to boost user engagement and improve overall experience.

Planning and Tech

The project followed a staged approach, beginning with user needs analysis, followed by design prototyping, development of a responsive platform with custom features, and concluding with comprehensive testing and refinement.
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design production

Design to empower people

In the initial phase, our team worked closely with the Marketing - Advertising team to develop wireframes that conveyed the company’s mission and showcased recent collaboration with mayor brands. Our focus also encompassed designing interactive elements that effectively communicate the diverse range of products offered.

“Polonio’s team has done an amazing job and really elevated this page for us. Looks incredible!!”

Jada Graves
Managing Editor BrandFuse @USNews

A new and bold rebranding,
adapted to web.

Once defined the Visual Strategy, our Product Designers crafted every UI component and interaction for a consistent and unique user experience.
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about brandfuse

Collaborating with major brands

Our design was carefully crafted to showcase collaborations with renowned brands from major industries around the world, like Netflix, Disney, Walmart, Boeing, CVS, and Amex, among others. This emphasis was aimed at highlighting the work done and reinforcing the company's experience.
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reusable components

Scaling the creation of new content

Our use of reusable components in the web development process ensured efficiency, consistency, and fast implementation of new content. This approach helped us to maintain visual and functional consistency throughout the website, resulting in a seamless user experience.
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Friendly website to increase organic traffic

Our team implemented responsive design principles to elevate the user experience, optimize SEO performance, and foster accessibility, so our partners can effectively reach and engage with their target audience.
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